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How Music Therapy Helps Those With Dementia

Studies support the power of music therapy as a proven way to engage and improve dementia patients’ lives. Remarkable changes in behaviour are documented, where severely handicapped people suffering from memory loss suddenly burst into song remembering the words and melodies of tunes from the past. Some patients with severe dementia who no longer remember who they are have been reported to respond to the miracle of music.

Music Therapy and Loneliness

Dementia is a progressive disease that leaves patients unable to communicate. This causes sufferers to feel isolated and unable to communicate basic needs. According to Kimmo Lehtonen Ph.D., professor of education at the University of Turku, “music can actually make the mind move.” Music is believed to conjure up memories through an emotional connection that ultimately makes human interaction possible again.

The Proof that Music Therapy Helps Dementia Patients

One case study documented by Lehtonen was recorded with a video camera. Working as a music therapist, Lehtonen recorded a session with an 80-year-old patient suffering from dementia. The treatment administered in this case was the singing of folk songs in Finnish. In response, the patient sang old romantic songs in Italian. Many of these songs were very difficult. Lehtonen noted that the older patient’s expressions and voice were filled with authentic emotion that truly moved him. What made this patient’s singing so remarkable is that his history indicated that he barely remembered his name. Another noteworthy fact about this case that supports the idea that the emotion of musical memories is what breaks through the symptoms of dementia is the fact that the 80-year-old patient had spent the prime of his life in Florence.

A Brief History

There are documented uses of this therapy as far back as 2000 years ago. In the 20th century, musicians were requested to play for the WWI and WWII soldiers wounded in hospitals. Doctors realized the emotional and physical benefit of music for healing patients in both psychological and physical ways. The first official music therapy program started in 1944 and was offered at Michigan State University. As evidence that the acceptance of music therapy has grown, 75 educational institutions now offer degree programs in music therapy.


According to the Aging Well online site, there are seven main benefits derived from this type of therapy that positively impact dementia patients. The benefits listed below are the reason music therapy has been accepted as a positive approach to dementia treatment. Musical therapy promotes the following changes:

  • A sense of well-being
  • Improved memory
  • Opportunities for social engagement
  • Improved motor skills
  • Pain management without drugs
  • A complementary addition to physical rehabilitation that employs continuous movement and vocal activity
  • A renewed feeling of control over one’s life


As more is learned every year about dementia; it becomes obvious why music therapy is working to improve these patients’ moods and sense of well-being. Clinical case studies indicate that music affects learning, language skills, memory, expressing emotion and motor responses. Even people with severe dementia respond to music. Based on the undeniable results, music therapy is expected to continue as a viable treatment for dementia sufferers in the future.

Video Marketing Tip – VW Viral Video Case Study

The story caught my attention on Yahoo News Headlines. I saw this video clip on YouTube when it was freshly featured. The views were barely less than a thousand then. I showed it to my kids using my iPhone. They loved it.

5 days later, the Yahoo news reported 7 million views. I then checked out the video again and saw 15 million views. As I write this article, the video is now 17 million views. That means it’s getting 2 million views a day!

The YouTube video is called “Volkswagon Commercial: The Force”.

This makes a good case study for my videography students. Especially the chapter on YouTube video marketing.

First, let’s understand what this video is all about:

– The video is a TV commercial for a new VolksWagon model.

– It is obviously produced professionally with talents and props.

– No mention of product benefits or features at all, just branding.

– Definitely not a high budget production. No Special effects. (It can be easily recreated in your bedroom, kitchen and garage)

– The VolksWagon Channel has 130 videos, all less than half a million views. (except for one recent video which is riding on its current popularity)

So now the BIG question is… what made it viral?

Let’s analyze 3 points from my video marketing notes.

1. Is the video entertaining, informative or educational?

The video is entertaining, a little informative and not educational. At least I am informed this car starts with a remote control. The small Darth Vader is certainly entertaining. Without facial expression, the body language tells the whole story.

2. Is the video riding on a hot trend?

Is there a trend on “Darth Vader” and “Star Wars”? No trends found on Google Trend and Yahoo Buzz. However, there are 135,000 global Google monthly searches for “Darth Vader”. 1,220,000 for “Star Wars”. The video is targeting a huge market.

3. Is It featured on YouTube Home Page?

The video WAS featured on the front page as part of a Super Bowl Campaign. I doesn’t matter if VW paid for it because the other ads did not get 15 million views. I had one video featured before and I know how it feels to get a million views. Getting featured or spotlighted on YouTube is great exposure.

Personal View

I am one of the contributors to the success of this VW viral video. Volkswagon did not pay me to do it nor told me to pass it on. The moment I saw it, I showed it to others because I “liked” it. THAT’s the essence of a true viral video… a life of its own.

There’s one other thing I suspect though. This video is highly targeted at Star Wars fans. Star Wars fans who once were boys. I admittedly am one of them.

1. Original Star Wars Music

The music sounds original to me. Even if it was remade, it still sounds exactly like the movie. It triggered pleasant memories as a fan of Star Wars. It would not be the same if it was some other soundtrack.

2. A Star Wars Fan Will Always Be a Star Wars Fan

I became a Star Wars fan as a kid. I still watch replays of Star Wars movies. I have Star Wars games on my iPhone. Of course I like the light saber sound effects.

3. Did the Same Thing as a Boy

When I was a kid, I did what the boy did in the commercial. That made a strong connection with me. I waved my hands and things never moved, to my disappointment. Today, I will please my kids using some remote control.

So that’s my analysis of a successful viral video. Remember, you cannot make a viral video till it becomes one. Volkswagon posted 130 YouTube videos before one made it.

Aspire to make a viral video with more than a million hits? Start shooting and posting quality YouTube videos daily.

Never Fall Prey to False Music Download Sites! Compare Carefully!

Are you on the verge of nervous breakdown due to bad quality of music that you just downloaded in your iPod? I can understand your agony. We always opt for downloading music sites without prior enquiry about their authenticity and quality. We are ought to meet such fate. But brace yourself up! Now you know how badly music download industry can deceive you, you will take every precaution to make necessary investigation before proceeding for download.

We all are music freaks. We eat, drink, and sleep music! Am I right? There is no pleasure in the world but to dance to the tunes of your favorite music video. Especially now that you own an iPod, you can eat and rink music virtually everywhere! No wonder today we celebrate party at every juncture of our life. The music is synonymous to life for us and this is the reason we keep hunting for good and cheap music downloads everyday. Moreover, today, we intend to download whole movies or DVDs to our PC or TV. This is why we keep searching for faster download options these days.

Is the music download an affordable option?

Well, buying every CD or music album separately is much costlier option that downloading music albums from quality music download sites. It is not easy however to find music download site that can really make us happy in the end. Many things need to be considered before finalizing on to the music download site. But once you finalize a good choice, it is no doubt the most affordable option available to you. You can now watch or hear music albums and movies that are still in theaters. Whether your choice is hip hop, country, or Rock, you can find it definitely in the site that is virtually studded with numerous options.

Because of heavy competition these sites are facing, the costs are obviously very competitive and many of the unique features are more or less similar to each other. However, some popular sites like Flickr and AOL rule the market rightly! With the music tracks of more than 12 million, Flickr still tops the bandwagon.

What are the unique features of Flickr over other sites?

o Possibility to burn unlimited CDs
o Compatible with all MP3 players
o No per song download fee
o 24-hour live support
o No monthly recurring charges
o You can download movies, different software, ringtones, and video games
o You can use on unlimited computers

But there are also many other authentic and cheap music download sites like Unlimited Download Center, Sharing Zone, Hot MP3 Download, and MP3 Audio Station. All sites have something in common and have some unique features. You can opt for any of these after studying their comparative analysis. Yes, time spent on this aspect is worth no doubt.

You want to have quality music downloads in least possible time and least possible money. The cheap music downloads available at above mentioned sites and many others are good to satisfy your music bone. Moreover, the comparative study sites and reviews play an important part by educating you in the right direction!