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Online Music Course Reviews and Buying Considerations

Sonic Producer

The Sonic Producer online beat machine software is a new kind of music generator that exports MP3s as well as a membership only site with tutorials, loop libraries and videos. It is packaged as an application and course for learning music production in a keyboard and mixing studio environment. It is online software and training that allows non-professional music lovers to create very high quality beats quickly. The lessons provide education for music production using sequencers, instruments, keyboards and multi-track software.

The online classes show you how to make and produce beats for instrumentals, rap and hip hop. It is made for students of all ages and for anyone who wants to learn the craft of making beats. The courses and software work on any computer system including PC and Mac. Technical support is offered with the membership.

Product Specifications:

- Online beat maker with large royalty free library of sounds you can use.
- Export professional sounding instrumental beats online to MP3.
- Learn music production with user friendly software and courses.
- Easy to use and made for any computer and operating system.
- Unlimited beats in all styles available for exporting.
- Contests for members with cash and prize awards.

Buying Considerations:

One of the top alternatives for novices but does not offer the advanced features of more expensive desktop software. You don’t automatically make beats with the software, this takes a bit of training.

Music maker software requires gaining an understanding of loop technology and a sense of rhythm. This course makes it much easier, but it will take some effort on the student’s part.

Music Master Pro

Music Master Pro is an online music school where you learn how to play music online. Jay Dynasty, a musician with major label credits, is the founder and main teacher. The site’s mission to provide musicians world-wide with high quality instruction in musical instruments and audio production. The web-based music institute also provides career support in the way of networking forums and industry listings.

The courses are available for beginning through advanced musicians in guitar, bass and drums. Methods cover multiple styles including jazz, pop, rock and hip hop in a variety of tempos and feels. No prior music experience is required for the courses. Various other tools are included such as instrumental jam tracks, an online beat maker and private forums.

The program includes resources that teach music basics, improvisation, transcribing and reading music. The training is delivered mainly via video and audio download and new lessons are added to the library on a regular basis. Students have access to the entire lesson library at once so lessons start at every level of skill and can be revisited until techniques are mastered.

Product Specifications:

- 200 lessons in audio and video for guitar, bass and drums in all styles.
- 1000 instrumental audio tracks that you can practice improvisation with.
- Several thousand scale and chord references for licks, patterns and progressions.
- Additional video courses on music production including scoring and beat making.
- Includes add on lessons in piano and violin in MP3 format.
- Web-based beat generator software for online hip hop and techno styles.
- Industry networking and listings in the private member forum.
- Accessible from Windows PC and Mac OS via an Internet connection.

Buying Considerations:

While this may be the most extensive and acclaimed library of video lessons, keep in mind that learning independently is not for everyone. If you have never even picked up an instrument, consider taking a few lessons with a teacher first before diving into self-learning.

Learning to hold an instrument and getting a sense of the basics from a professional in person can get you off to a solid start. After that a course like Music Master Pro can take you to a level that weekly lessons may not be able to.

Beat Sketch! Video Game For The Sony PlayStation 3 Move

Two art forms in one package. The Sony people have created a brilliant idea with this game. Beat Sketch! for the PlayStation 3 Move has players on their feet and moving to the beat as they create pictures, and mirages with the PS Move controller. Painting at its best, with absolutely no mess.

The Beat Sketch game will spark young imaginations, and rekindle old. This is one video game that will be applauded for many years to come. Educational and entertaining is what makes it one of the best games on the market right now. This game offers the users the ability to just scribble, sketch, draw, and just add large blobs of color to their canvas (the screen).

The Beat Sketch game was designed and developed specifically for the PlayStation Move. It is included in many of the more popular PS Move bundles available. In a bundle is the only way to get this game before October 21, 2010. Beat Sketch is already on the Japanese market, and is a big hit.

The PS3 Move controller becomes your paintbrush. Use it to add color, dimension and depth to all your creative expressions. This game is different every time you play it. This will aid in its replay time. A different game every time, even the kids will want to keep coming back.

The user can even take a snapshot of a person, and draw things on and around them. With the Playstation 3 Move eye, the user can take a still photo of either themselves, a pet, or someone or something in the room. After the photo is taken, they can then add silly hair, hats, change the color of the hair, or anything they desire. They can then save the data to come back to at another time.

The Beat Sketch even has music. As the person is drawing and creating, there are a variety of musical scores that can be played simultaneously. This feature will allow users to create music videos of their own. After their video is created, they can export it to YouTube where they can publish it for everyone to see and enjoy.

Beat Sketch for the PS3 Move has three different game modes. The first mode is the creation mode, where the player can make their own masterpiece. There is also the match mode, where the player tries to replicate the drawing or image that the game has made. They are allowed to alter it by way of colors, and textures, but they must copy the outline of the image.

Finally there is the challenge mode. In this mode, each player attempts to outdo the other. They must either draw or create what is deemed by the game as a better or more complex image, or they embellish upon the work of the prior player. Beat Sketch can be played alone, or with up to four people. Considered a party game, the main attraction will be the combination of music with artistic creation.

iPod Music Downloads – 8 Tips to Pick an Excellent Download Site

Many music download sites have emerged as a good alternative to iTunes for iPod music downloads. Which is the best download site? I would share with you 8 top tips on how to select a iPod download site that provides you with all you need.

1. Pay per download or One-Time

You should check if the site offers lifetime membership for a flat fee. Music enthusiasts are turning to such download sites as they find it really costly to build a music collection on $0.99 song downloads.

2. Unlimited Number of iPod Media Files

Dozens of download sites are offering more than just iPod music downloads. They have music files, movies, soundtracks, music videos, TV shows and so on in their list. These are worth your one-time fee.

3. Choice of Music

Find out what is the range of music the download sites offer. It make sense to find one that offers you the biggest range you can find. But if you are not too picky, perhaps the one that offers you your favorite genre is good enough.

4. Easy to Use Membership Interface

Some membership interfaces are quite easy to use. Searching for song titles must be as easy as clicking a few buttons. Locating the file you need should be fast and easy|. Instructions on downloading media files have to be clear and concise. You would be pleased to know that there are a few of such quality sites for iPod music downloads.

5. Free Software For Downloading iPod Media Files

Special software is required for to download iPod media files. It is best that these sites not only give you iPod music downloads but the software to pull them out. Several sites also beefed up their deals by giving free software and wallpapers. These are not cheap software that you can buy elsewhere.

6. Fast iPod Downloading Speeds

Having iPod music downloads itself is not enough. You need fast downloading speeds. Do not go with those that are slow in the download speeds for iPod music downloads. I know of some sites that are really slow in download speeds.

7. All-Time Technical Support

Most sites for iPod music downloads put this claim on their website but only several sites can really do that. You just have to find them.

8. Excellent Customer Feedback

Given a choice, we would want to know what the existing customers think about the download sites. So do spend some time to read the customer testimonials.

Take some time to digest these 8 tips and you should be able to find one good site that provides iPod music downloads. Anyone hoping to know which are the best download sites for iPod music downloads can visit my iPod blog for more information.

The content of this article is provided for the purpose of education and illustration only and is in no way associated with Apple, iTune, or any company or subsidiary of Apple. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.