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Take Your Music Career Off Life Support

Being in the music business these days is becoming quite similar to being in the movie business. With all of the corporate bankruptcies, takeovers, and consolidations transpiring, you are likely to be signed on RocNation on Monday and by Friday you’re on Island-Def Jam, provided you ever got signed in the first place. Getting a record deal these days is about as rare as getting struck by lightning and about as relevant as two-way pager-remember those? Today’s artist is faced with trying to find the money to do his or her own thing-without the financial backing of a record label!

Problem is, when you ask artists what they do to market themselves, the room goes quiet. When you ask them how much money have they invested into their music outside of buying the new Air Jordan’s and a few pieces of jewelry they act like you’re speaking a foreign language? Let’s face it; they are not spending their money wisely.

Okay, they are probably working a day job, and we all have to eat, but their extra money should be invested into their craft not into trendy footwear and shinny chains.

Don’t be ashamed that you have a real job in order to support yourself and your music career, most people do. There is no dishonor in making a living; however, there is dishonor in being dishonest to yourself. You can lie to everyone else, but you cannot lie to yourself. If you haven’t invested one red cent into your music career you are an idiot and need to find another hobby. If you want to be an independent music vendor then you must learn how to sell music.

Upstarts like Young Money have earned hundreds of millions of dollars annually not because their music is so overwhelmingly titillating, but because they are masters at marketing and promoting music. Oh, BTW, if you are a man and you step out in public wearing a pair of zebra print leggings, I will laugh in your face. You’ve been warned! For the record if you are not a Rock-n-Roll star from the nineteen eighties then leave the stretch pants alone.

Now back the topic of marketing, without it you couldn’t sell lemonade to thirsty people in the desert.

Flow with me for a few ticks…the man who came up with the idea to sell bottled water is an unadulterated genius. Hell, why not sell bottled air? If you really think about it, bottled water is just water from the ground wrapped in an attractive package and chilled for your convenience. If you took a shovel and dug deep enough, you will find water for FREE. In many cases regular old tap water has more vitamins and fluorides than bottled water. The point is anything can be sold if is marketed properly including your music.

There are tons of FREE articles and information about music marketing floating around on the internet and waiting to be read and utilized. There are literally thousands of books written on the topic and available for FREE at your local library, so what is your excuse. Get your music career out of the toilet and get your mind right. You will never get your money right unless you take off your artist hat and put on your business hat. I will repeat this same information as much as necessary.

The other day I was on a popular Hip Hop news and video website. As I looked over a few of the independent artist’s videos I noticed a trend. All of these artists shot music videos using music from other already famous artists. Wow, what a big waste of time.

Imagine, even if they shot the video for FREE, it cost somebody something, whether time, bartering, resources, or food. You cannot shoot a music video without a crew, food, tape or storage device, and location. There is no such thing as a 100% free music video, I know because I am a music video director and own a production company.

Okay, now someone will have the nerve to argue that maybe the artist who have made these questionable videos are ballers and can afford to waste time and money, making a video using other people’s music, but that is a stupid argument. If they we’re ballin’ then their video would be in rotation somewhere other than a free website and they could have afforded to purchase a track from an up-and-coming or known music producer as well as, shoot a video with a fresh concept.

See this is the dumb stuff that keeps artists starving and pissed off. My only mission in life is to help artists like these get pass themselves and start making a real career out of being in the music business. Do me a favor once you read this article pass it along to ten friends in the music business. Let’s build an army of educated and financially successful independent artists. As always my advice and services remain FREE…peace and blessings

©2012, Sahpreem A. King, Music Business Guru,

How Educational Toys Can Stop You From Killing Your Child’s Imagination

The concept of learning can bore kids when they associate it with strict rules and requirements, which is what a lot of parents and schools impose. Adults tend to kill kids’ imagination and love for learning when they obscure knowledge and package it into something that has to be earned. Equating knowledge with authority and power is alienating to kids, and can cause them to shy away from what they deem to be an adult domain. Making learning accessible to children through educational toys will nurture their love for knowledge, helping them to understand the world and their selves better.

Minding your kids’ toys
0-10 years is the crucial age of formation. At this stage, kids absorb information like a sponge. Whatever you teach them could make a lasting impression that will stay with them for a long time, even for the rest of their lives. Keeping your kids simply entertained with mind-numbing television, video games, action figures, and Barbie dolls is no way to develop their imagination and maximize their intelligence. As a parent, you have to help fuel and sustain their interest in learning new things; you have to be very mindful when choosing toys for them. Don’t just go for the latest trends, the fanciest dolls, or the most hi-tech toys or you might risk ruining your kids’ sense of awe and wonder, dulling their minds and causing them to be easily bored with saturation.

Honing their love for science, art, and music
Kids are naturally inquisitive and impressionable, wondering all the time where things come from and how the world works. For them, everything is a spectacle and a phenomenon; everything is exciting and new. To sustain your kids’ curiosity and excitement, you have to make learning fun. From an early age, your kids should associate learning new things with exciting journeys and possible adventures. Educational toys are one of the best ways to nurture your kids’ innate love for learning, stimulate their minds, and hone their interest in science, art, and music.

Creating an imaginary world
Creating an imaginary world and playing pretend are some of the games kids of all ages love to do. Buy your kids educational toys in the form of science lab kits, mini robotics, musical instruments, and even mock DNA testing kits. All these are beneficial for their brain development and can possibly help them to become the future physicist, scientist, doctor, painter, or brilliant musician you envision them to be. These will also help them realize that knowledge is not the exclusive realm of the adult world, but is a world that they can discover on their own.

Beyond knowledge and learning
Toys that teach physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, astronomy, timing, rhythm, beat, melody, colors, perspective, balance, and symmetry, help develop and balance your children’s left and right brain functioning and make it easier for them to transition from one thought process to another. Most of all, learning to love science, art, and music will not only hone their intelligence and creativity, it will also nurture their humanity and spirit.

What a Streaming Video Recorder Can Do For Your Child

Children are becoming more computer savvy than ever, it seems. By heading to their computers for entertainment and for education, they are able to access worlds of information at their fingertips: music, radio programs, and videos. But while this information is readily available, it is not easy to use. Since the media is generally transmitted only through the Internet, children can’t do more than just save the link and return to it when necessary. With a streaming video recorder, your child can begin to save the links they’ve found, helping to encourage their education and to enhance their entertainment.

Why Music Matters

Though many adults take music for granted, believing that it’s simply something for entertainment, children are different. When a child hears music, their brain is slightly altered by the experience, especially as they are maturing. Music children hear today will influence their choices tomorrow, as well. When a child is able to listen to a variety of music, they will be able to think more efficiently as well. Studies have shown that children who listen to classical music, for example, tend to do better on tests and in school. With a streaming video recorder, a child can record some of his or her favorite pieces of music. Later on, when their brain needs a boost, they can listen to these pieces of music without needing an Internet connection.

Radio Broadcasts for Children

The radio, while less popular, is far from being extinct in the media market. Radio programs on public access radio, for example, are filled with interviews with interesting authors and other great minds. Many radio programs also broadcast sports events and other exciting news. With a steaming video recorder, a child can record these exciting events and begin to see how they fit into the world and its events. Instead of being limited to the world around them, listening to the radio will expand the mind of your child. A child might want to listen to radio broadcasts from around the world, helping them to see what other countries are like and what they are experiencing as well. It’s too easy these days to limit one’s interpretation of world events, but with news broadcasts from different parts of the world, a child can have a more balanced outlook.

Internet Videos, Of Course

But the streaming video recorder is mainly for videos. Online, a child can find any number of videos for entertainment or education. Some of the best videos for children include those which are designed to help with homework. However, if the video is removed, your child will not have access to the file anymore. With the video recorder, they can download and record the video to watch anytime, no matter when their homework is due.

With a streaming video recorder, children benefit in numerous ways. Instead of simply being an observer of the world around them, they can begin to collect information of value and then apply it to their lives. In this way, children can advance their learning outside the classroom.